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Frequently Asked Questions

LenderKey is a tool that allows you to get organized in the best way possible to increase the chances of obtaining the best solution for your mortgage needs. The first interactive mortgage mapping tool of its kind will allow you to empower yourself with knowledge. We have put together the best practices in the industry to ensure a smooth and enlighten experience

With Lenderkey, you're getting your mortgage application for multiple lenders and learning as you go through the process what makes a strong versus weak application. No longer are you not in the know!

Lenderkey will advise of the strength of the application and will better enable your mortgage professional to obtain the best financing that fits your needs. Don’t have a  mortgage professional? Don’t worry we can help you with that as well : )

The application is meant to be interactive. It adapts to your personal situation. If you have a complex situation then it may take a little longer than normal. That being said you can always save your progress and come back to it at a later date. 


Unlike traditional generic applications. Lenderkey is interactive and focuses on your particulars. The goal is for you to be in a position where you can make an educated decision and not a rushed one.

You can expect to be empowered and part of the process. First you will generate an application that makes sense to your situation. As you go along or at a later time you will upload ( we will help you with that as well) all the documents needed to strengthen your mortgage application… after that, your ready to start making choices : ) 

QCG – stands for Quality Control Gauge. It is a proprietary algorithm design by the top mortgage professionals in the industry that takes into account a multitude of variables that determine the probability of obtaining the type of financing that you would want. The stronger the score the higher the probability

We have a dedicated team that can walk you through the process. Your mortgage professional is still there with you through the entire process. We team up with your mortgage professional not replace them

Yes. All information and documentation is secure and encrypted and only you have access to the information through a private key. 

Only the parties that you choose to share with.

Yes it will connect you to your existing mortgage/real estate professional or give you a couple of suggestions on who to connect with if you currently don’t have one. 

Yes but we like to call it a home

No. you can work from the website. However, if you prefer to work of your mobile then it’s a simple app download

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