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The Professional Key To Better Client Services.

LenderKey is a mortgage platform that helps mortgage professionals connect to clients through an intelligent mortgage experience.

The Key that's Revolutionizing Mortgage?

The future of mortgage is digital, dynamic and intelligent.

Up your game

Filling out fields on forms doesn’t deliver professional service, or drive the bottom line. Automate, streamline and engage, spending your time where you should.

Immediate insights

Keeping things flowing, tracking at all times automatically. Your work flow engine provides information, intelligent underwriting and insight from start to close.

Contacts and client engagement

From first contact to closed contract, the qualified contacts, full circle engagements ensure that no time is wasted.

Streamline for everyone

Immediate notifications, direct document capture from source to submission. The process flows across every screen ensuring accurate delivery, expedited completion to close more, faster.

Bring your business together

Leave email in the dust. Get rid of Zoom®, drop the Dropbox. Empower your clients to eliminate your double entry. Get authenticated documents from source. Efficiency power delivers more profits.

Deal list

Every lead and loan application in a single. Your Deal Zone enables you work with maximum focus effectively and efficiently. More time to maximize opportunities.

Market reach

Delivery across real estate agents and buyer communities extends your client base. Advanced prospect generation and qualification expands your footprint.

Instant access

Never miss any client or prospect. Embedded IM communication ensures that you’ll always be engaged to drive more success.

Get on Calls

No need for video or calls from anywhere other than right from in the platform. Video meet, message, share files, submit, eSign to close on every application channel.

Increase the quality you’re getting
through LenderKey Leads

Get on secured video and GO !

Establish your client relationships anywhere and keep them going. Move from email and phone to a true, trusted digital experience with your prospects and clients.

Keep in touch with everyone involved

Stop chasing details! Let automation intelligence keep everyone engaged. Your time spent smarter, while the process flows on your every deal ensure you’re working that way too !

  • Notifies the right person, anywhere anytime instantly.
  • If a question comes us, a chat involves everyone that needs to know, so every deal keeps moving.

Track results with insights from dashboards

Maximize your insight, maximize your ROI. Where do you spend your time? What is your best path to success? Tracking analytics will show you real time.

Execute processes step-by-step with visibility and automation

Never miss a beat. The process flows you set advise at every step, so anyone that need to jump in, at any point, knows. Our patented process flow connections fill the efficiency gaps missing in todays mortgage market.

The Integrated Mortgage Platform

Stop the hassle of using email, file sharing, storage on hard drives or on the cloud. Chasing clients for documents, retyping over and over to get an application processed, connecting with realtors and appraisers by email, phone and lenders by email is a GIANT WASTE OF TIME !

How you spend your time determines your success.

Welcome to a new level of digital

- Intelligent application flows from start to finish
- eliminate double - triple entry
- ensure every document is authentic and intake is complete
- communication from IM, to audio to video all unified
- order appraisals
- engage with realtors, lenders, appraisers from a single application
- track every deal like you have a full time automated personal assistant

A better experience for you and your clients

The QCG Score

QCG is the quality control gauge for clients and lenders and you. Ensure you see your clients quality. The quality that gets deals done.

Approvals Optimized

Lost deals, due to mis-matched lenders, missing information, poor preparation up front costs time and money. Optimized for accuaracy drives more closed deals.

Subject Property

FA real estate search starts the process. Every lead, at every stage, search to application captures all data. You’ll know the property, range and quality of every application.

Eliminate double entry

No more double entering data from forms and uploads into outdated submission software. Our automation engine takes your applicants entry and updates every critical application field.

Invite anyone

Just a link engages your market. From new clients to co-applicants. Referral agents to appraisers and lawyers. With a click, through the process, everyone that needs to be there is advised and involved.

Authenticated documents

Our advanced integrations upload and identify documents from source. Preferred by underwriters, demanded by lenders. Fraud prevention and accuracy is ensured so your deals get done.

Get in touch

No need for the cluttered inbox, email and voice mail chase. Just get the APP and invite your clients. Every lead can reach you. Every deal can keep moving with integrated IM.

Digital meeting done right

Forget Zoom® and phones. Unified communications built in - be on a video chat with a single click. Even complete, eSign and witness every closing right from the Application Channel set for every deal.

BlockCerts BlockChain

Protection for you and everyone involved

Security of your information, authenticated for lenders keeps everything on safe and on-track.

Automation intelligence (AI) review and underwrite to present the best lending solutions

Proprietary BlockCerts Blockchain technology to certify everything securely

Connect you and your needs to Mortgage Professionals, Lenders and Real Estate Agents

Documents provided direct from source for maximium security and authentication.


Frequently Asked Questions

LenderKey is a tool that allows you to get organized in the best way possible to increase the chances of obtaining the best solution for your mortgage needs. The first interactive mortgage mapping tool of its kind will allow you to empower yourself with knowledge. We have put together the best practices in the industry to ensure a smooth and enlighten experience

With Lenderkey, you're getting your mortgage application for multiple lenders and learning as you go through the process what makes a strong versus weak application. No longer are you not in the know!

Lenderkey will advise of the strength of the application and will better enable your mortgage professional to obtain the best financing that fits your needs. Don’t have a  mortgage professional? Don’t worry we can help you with that as well : )

The application is meant to be interactive. It adapts to your personal situation. If you have a complex situation then it may take a little longer than normal. That being said you can always save your progress and come back to it at a later date. 


Unlike traditional generic applications. Lenderkey is interactive and focuses on your particulars. The goal is for you to be in a position where you can make an educated decision and not a rushed one.

You can expect to be empowered and part of the process. First you will generate an application that makes sense to your situation. As you go a long or at a later time you will upload (we will help you with that as well) all the documents needed to strengthen your mortgage application… after that, you're ready to start making choices 

QCG – stands for Quality Control Gauge. It is a proprietary algorithm design by the top mortgage professionals in the industry that takes into account a multitude of variables that determine the probability of obtaining the type of financing that you would want. The stronger the score the higher the probability

We have a dedicated team that can walk you through the process. Your mortgage professional is still there with you through the entire process. We team up with your mortgage professional not replace them

Yes. All information and documentation is secure and encrypted and only you have access to the information through a private key. 

Only the parties that you choose to share with.

Yes it will connect you to your existing mortgage/real estate professional or give you a couple of suggestions on who to connect with if you currently don’t have one. 

Yes but we like to call it a home

No. you can work from the website. However, if you prefer to work of your mobile then it’s a simple app download

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